where i say sorry again and try to make things better with you

I've been really bad with tags and awards recently, so sorry about that! I do love getting them, but it's all sometimes too much to keep up with. I'll just say, THANK YOU for every single one of those posts.

From now on, I'll start afresh with my awards. Everything will be scratched clean and I'll start all over again!

And my first tag while starting over is...The Countdown to 2015 tag!!!! WHOOOOHOOOOO:) Thanks June for the tag!

But enough chat, let's get onto the tag itself!

1) List 1-10 things that you can't wait till 2015.
2) Answer the questions that the person (who tagged you) their questions.
3) Set some of your own questions.
4) Tag 4-5 people and with a link to their blogs.

Things I can't wait for:
Getting a cat! Did I mention this? My parents have finally agreed that next year we can buy a cat. I'm so excited:)

I've been wanting a cat for like FOREVER, but they always said that River was too young or the boys would just chase it, BUT finally they've caved in a we're getting a CAT!!!

Winter. Anyone else a Lunar Chronicles fan? I'm raving MAD about this series, finally the last (?) one is coming out, I can't wait!

I've been waiting for this ever since the last one came out (which was earlier this year). I think before Winter comes out, though, there will be a prequel. Which will to just as awesome!

MY JOB. Starting next year I have a job. This is really exciting. I've so many things I want to save up for, so a job is awesome. I will write about this soon, but for now, here's what you need to know...

I'm taking up babysitting for our next door neighbours. They've three really cute little girls. I love looking after them, so I'm really excited at my JOB!!!

A new baby! Mum's having another baby next year. I can't believe it!!!!! Another brother or sister!

I don't believe I even wrote about this WHAT?! How could I have forgotten to write about something as amazing as all this.

It's been SIX years since Mum's last child, so it was a really big surprise when we found out that she was pregnant again.

June's Questions:
1. What do you do on New Years?
Mainly have a quiet day. We don't do much. We have a nice dinner in the evening, occasionally have guests over, but never anything big. We don't go all out for anything really:P

2. Do you have a main goals for 2015, if so what is it?
I think I do. I aim to be healthier. A little while ago I started exercising more and eating better and I hope to keep on with those. I don't know beside that though. I will write more about this later when I've thought more about it.

3. Are you going to take up for New Years?
Reading more. I need to read more. I have no idea how long it's been since I last sat down just to READ READ READ! I adore reading, but I never seem to have the time. So reading is something I want to do more often.
Singing. I want to put some covers up on YouTube. I don't know if any of you know about me and singing. I love to sing, but I've never made any cover before. I reckon this would be something cool to try. 
4. (Odd question) Do you believe in ghosts? Boo!
Yup! Totally!!!! No one believes me, but I do.
I'm not tagging or asking more questions at the moment because I haven't been very active recently. Sorry about that. But I should get back up there soon!
On another note, I should have a design coming up with way sometime. It's taking a while, but I hope it will arrive soon. Look out for it!
<3 Willow


my super birthday wishlist

As promised, here is my birthday wish list. I expect to get much of these, but a girl can be hopefully.
a polaroid camera
I love polaroids and I'm tired of faking them with image editing. This would be the most awesome present ever.
funky running shoes

Ever since I made the decision to get fit and started running, I've been wanting some proper shoes to do it in. These would be a God send.
gladiator sandals

 Who doesn't adore gladiator sandals? It's the weather for airy footwear and this year I'm determined to get a pair of gladiator sandals. I've put them on my wish list ever year, hopefully this is lucky year!

an ipod
I've wanted an ipod for so long! I've got heap and heaps and heaps of music I'm always playing (as you should know). So having a ipod where I can play it on the go would be cool!
pink guitar

 I have no idea how to play the guitar, but I'm determined to learn, but first I need to get one. It should preferably be pink, but that's optional.

large sunnies
If they're big and round, then they're what I want. The bigger the better. Sunglasses are perfect for hiding behind and spying on people in.

Well that's my list. I hope you enjoyed reading it:)

<3 Willow


it will be hard, but we just have to do it

Hi guys! Today's post is rather important and I would appreciate it if you would take the time to read it through.

Recently, something happened to someone close to us that has made Mum afraid me being on the internet for security reasons.

So, that's why I've changed my name. I'm now Willow, so anyone who knows my real name! Please, please, please! Don't mention it. You can in emails, but in a comment, I would rather it stayed private.

That's the reason I spent this morning going through all the posts (all 104 of them) and changing all mentions of my real name.

I'm also changing the name of this blog. I couldn't very well keep it with my name in it. Even though the header still says the old name, it's really Eyes Open! The name on the header will change over once I get a new design.

It's really annoying to have to go through all this, but hopefully I will get use to going by a different name soon.

Anyway, look forward to seeing the new design. I can't wait to get it.

So what do you think of the new name? Isn't it awesome? I love it, it has so many meanings, which is really cool. I've always wanted a blog name with hidden meanings...and now I have one!

Anyway, I've got a lot of work I have to do, changing over the new name, so I'll be back later.

<3 Willow


Again, I'm updating poeple and making excuses...sorry!

Hi guys! So I've been really bad at my blogging recently, I'm sorry, but I've been really busy with my piano, noveling and school, but don't worry, I'm hoping to slowly work my way back into my blog, so expect a few more posts over the next few weeks.

I'm hoping to get this blog running again over the Christmas holidays, it will be a slow start, but luckily, NaNo is finished and I've taken my piano exam, so I should be ok.

So watch out for my next posts. I'm hoping to post two blog awards soon and I've a few other post's planned, so just wait. There is finally some content coming!

On another note, guys, my birthday is coming up super fast, I'm so excited. It's only a few days away now (ok, maybe just over two weeks away).

I will try and post my birthday wish list sometime, how does that sound? I've got heaps of ideas on what would be awesome to get!

Yep, I've heaps of ideas of what to write, the only problem is my time schedule. I'm so busy these days. Its not like last year where I had more than enough time to write in. This year is hectic. But hopefully things will sort out over the holidays.

Until next time, <3 Willow


Can I Do This?

I'm undertaking a HUGE challenge. I've been thinking about it a while and I've decided I really want to do it! I want to go get FIT AND HEALTHY!

Ok, so I know what you're thinking, you're suddenly thinking that I'm overweight and fat, well that's not really true.

I don't want to loose weight, I'm at a healthy weight at the moment, I just want to get fit and become more healthy.

At the moment I don't seem to be doing that much exercise or eating that healthy foods. So I've decided to try and fix this and get fit.

In the back of my mind, I've been telling myself I should be doing this for a long time, far too long. It's time to make a start.

So from now on I'm going to be setting myself some goals, cutting back on the fat I eat and all in all just being a healthier eater.

I have no idea why, but I'm really excited to be doing this. I never thought trying to get fit would be exciting. #youlearnnewthingseveryday



Shower-Becky G

I don't know, it's just something about ya
Got me feeling like I can't be without ya
Anytime someone mention your name
I be feeling as if I'm around ya
Ain't no words to describe you baby
All I know is that you take me high
Can you tell that you drive me crazy?
Cause I can't get you out my mind



I've gotten back all the results from my poll and guess what? It turns out that we will be having two contests to celebrate my one hundred posts!

The contests I will be having are a writing contest and a photography contest.

The Writing Contest

For this contest you have to take a famous quote and write something to go with it. Your piece can be anything you want it to be, a poem, chapter, etc.

I will except entries up until the 30th of November and I will try to get the results posted in the week following. Not sure how it will go, but I will try!

The Photography Contest

For this contest you have to post a picture of something that inspires you the most. It can be anything! Entries have to bee in at the same time as the writing contest and I will try to get the results posted at the same time as the others.
If you do enter, please leave me a link to your entries in the comments:)



The other day, I downloaded GIMP! I have been thinking about GIMP for a while. I decided it was worth it if I want to really get somewhere with my shop.

So I downloaded GIMP and got down to learning how to use it. And let me just say, it's much, MUCH harder than I thought to work out.

It took me a while to understand everything I was doing, but after a bit I started to understand it all:) I even created a fun blog design using GIMP.

Have a look:

What do you think? I really love it. I'm quite proud of it:)

So, yep, GIMP is totally worth it!


p.s 100th post!


Neon Lights-Demi Lovato

Be still my heart 'cause it's freaking out, it's freaking out, right now
Shining like stars 'cause we're beautiful, we're beautiful, right now
You're all I see in all these places
You're all I see in all these faces
So let's pretend we're running out of time, of time



Review: Wildwood Dancing


Title: Wildwood Dancing

Author: Juliet Marillier

Rating: Four out of five

Summary: There are many mysteries within the wildwood. Jena and her sisters share the biggest of all, a fantastic secret that enables them to escape the confines of their everyday life in rural Transylvania. They have kept it hidden for nine long years.
When their father falls ill and must leave their forest home over the winter, Jena and her oldest sister Tati are left in charge. All goes well until a tragic accident allows their over bearing cousin Cezar to take control. The appearance of a mysterious young man in a black coat divides sister from sister, and suddenly Jena finds herself fighting to save all she holds dear. With her constant companion Gogu by her side, she must venture to realms dark and perilous in her quest to preserve, not just those she loves, but her own independence as well.

My Thoughts: This is really exciting book. I read it in one go. The fantasy world was beautifully planned. This book could have gone on forever and I wouldn't have gotten bored, but I would have died wondering how it would end.



Things I Hate

They're a certain things that really upset and annoy me, so today I thought I would make a list of some of them:

1. When people hate you because of what music you listen to. Does it matter who your favourite musicians are? It only matter's what your like.

2. When people think that your totally different because your homeschooled. I'm still human. I'm just schooled differently.

3. People who don't even try to hide that they don't want you around. It's not hard to smile and pretend you like someone. Seriously it hurts people's feelings when you just say straight out you hate them.

4. When people laugh at your religion, treating like they're no way it's right. This really annoys me. Everyone has different beliefs, but that doesn't mean you're right!

5. When people pick food off other people's plates. It's a really annoying habit that set's my teeth on edge.

I hope you liked this list!



95th Post

Guess what, this is my 95th post! I'm so excited, I'm almost at 100 posts. It's taken long enough.

I was wondering what I should do when I get to 100 posts, should I have a writing contest, blog party, photography contest, what?

I came up with the idea to hold a poll. So if you want to vote, feel free. In fact, vote even if you don't want to!

Also, I've been trying to learn how to write some flash fiction after finding a blog full of it. What would people think if I posted some?




Writing...This post
Reading...Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan (rereading)
Listening to...Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne
Thinking... about running
Dying to... eat ice cream
Smelling... perfume



Here's to Never Growing Up-Avril Lavigne

Oh whoa, oh whoa, here's to never growing up
Oh whoa, oh whoa, here's to never growing up

Say, won't you stay forever stay
If you stay forever hey
We can stay forever young



Chapter One//Monster Attacks and a Betrothal

Today I'm starting a novel! It's not going to be planned. I have no idea where this will go. I hope you enjoy:)

Marty heard Lou name being called, but she didn't bother to go see what Lou wanted. If it was important, he would come and find her.

Nan would have a fit if she found Marty being so lazy, but Nan wasn't there. She had left a few days ago to go see her brother who had gotten injured by one of the mysterious monsters.

The monsters had appeared about a month ago. They went around, killing and injuring whatever was in their way. All the experts were working on identifying what the monsters were and how get rid of them.

Their was only one problem, the experts had no idea what the monsters looked like or how it killed everyone.

The victims that survived all had amnesia and couldn't remember anything. They couldn't remember anything, not even who they were.

"Marty! MARTY! Princess Martha Anna!" Lou cried exasperated, bursting into her room. Marty looked up at her older brother.

"What's the matter?" Marty asked. "Couldn't you have knocked?" Then she noticed Lou's shocked and frightened face. She suddenly felt terrified. Lou was the heir to the throne, he was her older brother, he wasn't supposed to scared.

"What happened?" she whispered.

"It's father," Lou said, "he was attacked."

"By one of the-things?" Marty asked, she wasn't sure if she wanted to hear the answer.

Lou nodded. He was as pale as a ghost. Marty didn't expect she looked any better though.

"Where is he? Is he ok?" Marty cried, heading towards the door. She knew that he wouldn't be fine. No one got away from the monsters fine.

"He's in the infirmary. They won't let us in," Lou replied, following her out of the room and down the door.

Marty started to run. She didn't care if it was unprincessly. She had to get to her father. The monsters had taken her mother already, they couldn't take her father as well.

At the infirmary door, she got stopped.

"I'm sorry your highness," said the soldier who was standing guard there. "I can't let you in."

"You must!" Marty said. "I order you to open it."

"I'm sorry, you can't go in. It's for yours and your father's sake," the soldier replied. "I will tell you when you're allowed in," he said sympathetically.

Marty didn't want his sympathy. It somehow made everything worse. She turned around and bumped into Lou.

"It's ok," Lou said and led her away, back over to her room.

"Where was he going? Where was he attacked?" Marty asked. She hadn't even known King Rupert was going out that day.

"He was going to visit King Simon," Lou said, looking rather guilty.

"But he lives across the seas. He would have been gone for weeks!" Marty looked shocked. "Why didn't he tell me he was going?"

"He didn't want to upset you," Lou replied, looking more than a little bit awkward.

"About what? He has upset me now!" Marty yelled, she knew she was overreacting, but she couldn't help it. This was far too much!

"Well," Lou went red.

"Why was he visiting King Simon?" Marty demanded. She knew he was hiding something from her.

Lou sat down beside her. "You're not going to like it," he told her. Taking a deep breath he explained, "Father was going to discuss the matter your betrothal."

"My WHAT?" Marty screamed. "Since when was I betrothed? Why didn't anyone ever talk to me about this?"

"Father has been discussing it with King Simon for a while ago. He didn't want to upset you, I don't expect her thought the news would be broken to you like this," Lou replied. He was studying his feet.

"Have you known all this time?" Marty asked.

Lou nodded, not meeting his sister's angry eyes.

"Who?" Marty said.

"Prince Theo, King Simon's son," Lou told her.

"What? That stupid, conceited boy?" Marty cried. They had met Prince Theo a few years ago when they went to visit King Simon's kingdom. She has taken an immediate dislike to him.

"Yes, but it's been four years. He could be completely different now. Don't judge him on that," Lou warned her.

"I won't marry him!" Marty yelled, jumping to her feet. "You can't make me!"

"I'm afraid you must," Lou said quietly. "It's already being arranged. If you pull out we will have all out war!"

"You can't force me into this," Marty said.

"You will stop attacking like a spoilt brat!" Lou told her, holding onto her shoulders. "You will marry him! There's no way out of this. You have no choice," he shook her.

Marty wriggled out of her brother's grasp and ran out of her room before Lou could say anything.



Review: Ella Enchanted


Title: The Princess Diaries

Director: Gary Marshall

Rating: Three and a half out of five

Summary: Mia Thermopolis has just found out that she is the heir apparent to the throne of Genovia. With her friends Lilly and Michael Moscovitz in tow, she tries to navigate through the rest of her 15th year.

My Thoughts: This is a really amusing movie. It's a clique, but that just makes it even better. I really love Mia's grandma!



Try It #1

Today I'm starting a new series, 'Try It'. In this series I will tell you some things I have discovered recently that are totally awesome!

Vegemite...it took me forever to get up my courage to try this. Mainly because of the look of it. But a few days took a lick and now you can't stop me from eating it!

Ice Cream...it's the wrong time of year I know, but I am really loving eating it. As it's holidays I'm getting ice cream just about every day! You ROCK holidays:)

High Tops...normally I'm not too much of a sneaker person, but recently I got a pair of high tops and now they're my favourite shoes.



Can I get some ideas on what to make videos about? I am out of ideas and haven't made one for ages! Can anyone please give me any ideas?



Recently #1

Thinking...about Doctor Who! I can't wait for tonight's episode:)

Hoping...Mum will get home soon so we can go out bike riding.

Reading...Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan.

Writing...a novel.

Planning...a blogging schedule.


Feeling...excitement. I am getting a new piano teacher tomorrow!




It's like we never happened, was it just a lie?
If what we had was real, how could you be fine?

'Cause I'm not fine at all


Review: Stick It


Title: Stick It

Director: Jessica Bendinger

Rating: Four out of Five

Summary: After a run-in with the law, Haley Graham is forced to return to the world from which she fled some years ago. Enrolled in an elite gymnastics program run by the legendary Burt Vickerman, Haley's rebellious attitude gives way to something that just might be called team spirit.

My Thoughts: This is an amusing movie that I love! The main character (Haley) is the kind of person that everyone adores. This movie is on my favourite movie list!



All About You-Hilary Duff


Midnight eyes
Oh you came as a surprise
You were right on time
Think you're all about me, but I'm all about you


Review: Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

Title: Red Pyramid

Author: Rick Riordan

Rating: Five out of Five

Summary: Since their mother’s death, Carter and Sadie have become near strangers. While Sadie has lived with her grandparents in London, her brother has traveled the world with their father, the brilliant Egyptologist, Dr. Julius Kane.

One night, Dr. Kane brings the siblings together for a "research experiment" at the British Museum, where he hopes to set things right for his family. Instead, he unleashes the Egyptian god Set, who banishes him to oblivion and forces the children to flee for their lives.

Soon, Sadie and Carter discover that the gods of Egypt are waking, and the worst of them--Set--has his sights on the Kanes. To stop him, the siblings embark on a dangerous journey across the globe--a quest that brings them ever closer to the truth about their family, and their links to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs.

My Thoughts: This is a brilliant book. I wasn't too keen to try it, not thinking it would live up to the Percy Jackson books, which I read before it. But it totally does. I love this book a lot, I love how Rick Riordan has worked the gods in. Amazing! This book is full of exciting surprises:)



Somebody to You-The Vamps


I used to be so tough
Never really gave enough
And then you caught my eye
Giving me the feeling of a lightning strike



Recently I have found myself a brand new obsession, Tumblr! A friend recommended it to me and ever since I have been hooked:)

I always already on Pinterest (and addicted to that), but I heard Tumblr is better for gifs and things like that. So I had a look at it and found myself joining.

You can find my link here!

Are you join Tumblr? If you're please leave a link:)




I am having a bit of a problem at the moment. I can't decide whether to rename this blog (again) or not.

My ideas for new blog ideas so far are:
Girl at Home
Forever and Always
The Perfect Disguise

If you have anymore ideas please tell me. And do you think I should rename? Please vote on my poll!

Last time I renamed my blog I didn't really think about what I was calling it and I really don't think that it really is the best blog name ever.

My main problem with renaming would be that fact that I would have to redesign this blog and I really love the design Morning designed for. So I'm not sure, help please!




August Favourite Music

Today I have put together a playlist of the music I have really been enjoying this August.

I hope you enjoy listening. It's a mix of just the kind of music I like to listen to!


Catch Up

So I haven't written a post in like forever and that's mainly because I have been rereading the Percy Jackson books, sorry guys:P

I did think about blogging, but I always seemed to choose reading over it. Sorry about that!

But I'm back and I will try to write at least one a week. Today I will try and catch you up on a few things that I have been up to.

As I said, I have been doing a good bit of reading. I am trying to find some more books to read, suggestions please!

I have also been thinking about getting Kizoa. It sounds amazing and I would really love to be able to make slideshows. I saw some amazing ones on YouTube and so I really want to make some now:)

I recently have become obsessed with some new (for me) musicians. Mainly Demi Lovato. I love her music, especially her cover of Let It Go.

A few days ago I went to my grandparents and I must say I had a great time. My grandmother taught me how to make apple pie and sew hair bows. I am going to have to make more soon:)

Beth and I did an interview with each other today. It was so much fun. You can read Beth's HERE and mine HERE. I hope you enjoy;)

And that's about all I can think of! More posts soon:)


P.S This Geekster's Life


The Kindred Spirit Award

Eve has made a brand new blog award, it's the Kindred Spirit Blog Award, YAY!

photo credit

1. Answer the questions you are given.
2. Nominate anyone you'd like.
3. Give 10 questions for others to answer (you can use Eve's questions if you'd like).
4. Share the picture above^ with the post you make and link it back to Eve's blog.

Here are your questions:
1. Who is your favorite character in Anne of Green Gables?
My favourite character is Mathew
2. Are you more like Anne or Diana?
3. What is your favorite quote from the book/movie?
I don't know, maybe: True friends are always together in spirit.”  
4. What was the funniest moment in it?
Not really sure, most likely when Gilbert has the slate broken on his head!
5. Would you rather have Diana's raven black hair or Anne's carrot red hair?
I have red hair and I would much rather have black:P But I wouldn't dye it green LOL.
6. What do you think of Gilbert?
I like him, he's the perfect match for Anne:)
 7. What are your thoughts on puff sleeves?
Don't really like them that much, I don't think I would look good in them.
 8. Have you ever been to Canada?
Nope, never left Australia
 9. How would you describe Anne?
A fun girl with a far too wild imagination, a bit like me:D
 10. Favorite word Anne uses in the book/movie?
I have no idea. I will have to reread the book and find out.
I nominate:
My Questions:
1. Do like the books or movie better?
2. Anne or Dianna?
3. Which of Anne's friend are you favourite?
4. Which of them would be your best friend?
5. Who would you most like to be?
6. What are your thoughts on Anne?
7. How many of the books have you read?
8. If you could rate Anne of Green Gables, one to five, what would you rate it?
9. Do you like Gilbert?
10. Would you like to live at Green Gables!
Gosh, those questions were hard to think up!
Well enjoy this award:)


Life Update

So today I thought it was time for an update. I have been really terrible lately and so none of you know what's been going on!

-First off, I went on holiday:) It was so much fun. We went to a beach house and stayed there for four days. I will write a post on that soon:D

-I have done the unheard of thing and started a diary. I have always loved diaries thought how awesome it would be to keep one, but I never started one. I have now though!

-I have pulled out the knitting needles and I have heaps of projects planned. I can't wait to get started:)

-I have started reading Dream Treaders. It's a really awesome book, I might review it sometime:P

-I am planning more YouTube videos. If anyone has any ideas, please tell me either in the comments on this post or over at my channel! You can also tweet me @HannahMaryM2.

-I have been swimming! Since planning on getting back into swimming, I have been really busy. We have a pool not too far away which I either ride the bus into town to go to or Mum drives me to three times a week:)

Well that's about all that's been happening, so I have nothing else to blog today.



Beautiful Blog Award

I was just tagged by Morning from The Ups and Downs of my Not-So-Average Life, to do the Beautiful Blog Award. Thanks so much Morning:)

+ Answer the questions given to you
+ Give some answers for the people you nominate
+ Tell the people you have nominated that they have been nominated

1) What fandoms that you are apart of?
So many I can't list them all:)
2) What book/movie do you love but everyone else despises?
Closest thing would be Princess Diaries 2. I loved it, but everyone else I have talked to about it seems to think it's rubbish.
3) Your opinion on biscottis?
They're not my sort of thing.
4) Lemon sorbet or key lime pie (for ice cream flavors)?
Lemon sorbet
5) Do you have any weird pet peeves?
Sleeping with my door open. I can't do it! I have no idea why, oh and the same goes for my closet.
6) If you could have any super power, what would it be? Why?
Super strength. Can you imagine what you could do and who you could help?
7) If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
Speak every language.
8) Do you believe in miracles?
I sure do:) I'm a Catholic
9) Finish this sentence ” There is beauty all around when …… “
People work together.
10) Why did the chicken cross the road?
Oh man! What a hard question. How about to see it's best friend? I don't know.
11) Name one thing you would like to do before leaving this earth.
Go to at least ten holy places.
12) What has been your biggest challenge?
I don't know! I don't think I can answer this, moving on...
13) If you could stay a certain age forever, what age would that be?
18. Old enough to do things, but still young!
I nominate:
Azia from Twelve Ten
Beth from Just my Cuppa Tea
Kayla from Love 'an Laugh

My Questions:

1. If could go anywhere, where would you go?
2. Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?
3. Doctor Who or Sherlock Holmes?
4. What's you favourite snack?
5. If you could have been born on any day of the year, which would you choose?
6. Black or White?
7. What's the latest you have ever stayed up?
8. If you could swap places with anyone, who would you?
9. Instrumental or singing music?
10. If you could be a princess or a ninja, which would you choose?

I hope you enjoyed this:)



Outlook Sucks

I feel so angry at the moment, Outlook is going crazy! They're demanding phone numbers, making people verify their accounts and so much more!!!

At first I thought it was just my account, but I have now found out that some of my best friends now can't get into their accounts without giving their phone numbers away.

I am really angry! I have no idea what to do, but I am not giving away phone numbers, argh this is so annoying.

So for bothering you guys with this, but I had to ramble a bit!



New Video + Disney Medley

Hi! I'm back and today I want to share my newest YouTube video:)

Another thing I wanted to share, was a Gardiner Sister's video. I love them! Do you?

Here is their Disney Medley, it's awesome:)



Liebster Award

Thank you very much Emily for nominating me for the Liebster award:)

General Rules and Guidelines+ Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their blog.
+ Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
+ Answer the 11 questions they have given you.
+ Write 11 new questions for your nominees.
+ Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to answer the questions (excluding the one who nominated you).
+ You must notify your nominees of their nomination.

Facts about me:
*I am the oldest in my family
*I am rereading The Hobbit at the moment
*I could eat ice cream for every meal
*I adore Disney
*I am very bad at listing facts about me
*I have an allergy to grass
*My favourite sport is swimming
*I hate almonds
*I dislike hot milk
*I have my own YouTube channel
*I am learning the piano

Emily's questions:

1. When is your birthday and how tall are you?
I was born on the 17th of December 200. I'm not sure how tall I am, short is all I know! I'm curious now:)
2. Sunrise or sunset?
3. Gold or silver?
4. Flats or heels?
5. If you could choose another name for yourself, what would it be?
6. Where do you see yourself in eight years?
I have no idea! I would be, what? 21 then? I have no idea!
7. Why are you proud of yourself?
Hard one. Nothing comes to mind straight off, does that mean I'm a bad person?
8. If you could switch places with someone for a week, who would it be?
Lindsey Stirling:)
9. If you could go out with a fictional character, who would it be and why?
Leo Valdez, he's a lot of fun.
10. What is your best subject in school?
11. What is your least favorite accessory?
Hair bows:P

I nominate:
Whoever else wants to do this!

My questions:

1. Favourite day of the year?
2. Hot chocolate or tea?
3. Lunch or dinner?
4. Morning or evening?
5. Writing or reading?
6. Blogging or noveling?
7. Strawberries or blueberries?
8. Skirts or shorts?
9. Dancing or sport?
10. Frozen or Tangled?
11. Loose hair of ponytail?

Hope you enjoyed this, I certainly did.



A Win + Important News!

Hi guys! I'm so excited at the moment:) I have just won Camp NaNoWriMo and I must say that now I'm done, I'm really glad I did it and put all that time and effort in.

It does take a lot to do Camp NaNo, but it's worth it in the end I reckon.

From now on I will be trying to go back to posting everyday. I don't know how well I will go, but I will be challenging myself to go back to that:)

Yes, I'm back and hopefully for good this time!

I have one small bit of news. This is a very hard bit of news to tell everyone.

I have been thinking for a very long time now and I have decided to stop writing on my other blog. It's too much work to keep two blogs going!

I'm sorry guys. I will leave the blog up so you can read the old posts, but from now on I'm just writing on this blog.

That's all for today. Sorry this is very short, but I'm a bit busy at the moment!



Sunshine Award, New Blog Design and Graphics by Kat

Hi! I'm back from the dead:P Today I have the longest blog post ever so I shall get straight into it.

Sunshine Award part!

Thanks so much to Rebecca Jane to tagged be for this award. I feel really special.

i. Thank the person who nominated you.
ii. Answer the questions the person who nominated you asked.
iii. Nominate a few other bloggers.
iv. Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.
v. Notify the bloggers you nominated on their blog.
vi. Put the award button on your blog

Rebecca Jane's Questions:
 1: What is your favorite season?
Summer. I believe it's summer or maybe spring. I'm not sure!
 2: Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate, who wants vanilla?
 3: What was the first thing you heard when you woke up this morning?
Our cat trying to get into my bedroom. Not a nice way to wake up on the weekend:P
 4: What fictional character would you most like to meet?
This question is so popular and I swear every time I answer it I feel like I want to meet someone different. Today I would want to meet Elizabeth Bennet
 5: What is your favorite fruit?
Apples. Talking of which I'm eating one at the moment:D
 6: Have you ever had a garden?
Nope! Hopeless at gardening
 7: Do you prefer night or day?
Both! I like day because you can do sport and go out shopping, but night because it's that magical time of day. Make sense?
 8: Have you ever written to a pen pal?
Yep, but I kept forgetting to write.
 9: What is your favorite genre of music?
 10: What was the last book you read?
A Book of a Thousand Days. It was a great book!

I nominate everyone because I get so confused as to where people have done this one yet! So if you want to do it, feel free:)

My Questions:
1. Why did you start your blog?
2. Who is your favourite musician?
3. What is your favourite sport?
4. Movies or TV shows?
5. Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?
6. What is your favourite book?
7. What's your favourite meal?
8. How tall are you?
9. What's your favourite blogs?
10. Who is your idol?

Now for the next part of this post! My new blog design:)

I want to give a huge thank you to MorningTime4 for this awesome new design. I really love it!

I must say that it was a record how long I had my last design for. I am always feeling like change and new fresh things.

Thanks again! I love the design:)

The last part of this post is very exciting! Me and my friend, Kat where emailing each other and then we found out that we had both started new blog design shops:)

It was really exciting. I couldn't believe it.

Kat's blog design shop doesn't do full blog designs, but it does do a lot of really cool things. She makes favicons, blog buttons, signatures and so many other things. You really should go check it out! The best thing is, it's all free:)

So that brings to me to the end of this very long blog post. I want to thank everyone who got here.



Liebster Award

The other day I was tagged by Bethan from Think. Read. Write. Dream and Eve from Eve of Womanhood to do that Liebster Award. Thank you guys so much!

  1.  Post eleven facts about yourself.
  2.  Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you and then create an eleven-question set for the next group of nominees. 
  3. Choose eleven people to nominate and link them in the post.
  4. Let your nominees know they've been tagged - and no tag-backs!

Eleven facts for Bethan:

  1. I could spend all day writing.
  2. I always have the urge to go make more blogs.
  3. My favourite place on earth is our library.
  4. I enjoy cake making.
  5. I have never done a DIY post.
  6. I don't like Minecraft.
  7. I adore Doctor Who
  8. I am hopeless at describing things.
  9. I always think of my blog as boring.
  10. I wish I was more crafty.
  11. I only like strawberry ice cream.

Bethan's Questions:

1. What colour are your eyes and what colour is your hair?
Blue and red!
2. Which author would you like to collaborate on a book with?
Wow, um I don't know. Alley Carter, I love her books so much!
3. Who is your fictional boyfriend?
One pick? Oh man, this is hard. Nick from the Heist Society books by Alley Carter (favourite author).
4. Do you like floral print?
Yes, but I don't wear much of it.
5. If you could have dinner with 10 fictional characters (films, TV shows, books, any fictional character) who would you choose?
1.Doctor Who
2.Percy Jackson
4. Filli and Killi (Hobbit)
5. Otto Malpenese (HIVE)
6. Elizabeth (Grimm Legacy)
7. Mary (Another Cinderella Story)
8. Gandalf (Lord of Rings)
9 and 10. Belle and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast
6. What is one of your favourite songs at the moment?
7. Are you going on holiday this summer? If you are, where are you going?
It's not Summer here. I so wish it where though.
8. Which social media site do you use the most?
Facebook. I have a page there which I share random stuff on. You should go check it out!
9. What are your hopes and dreams?
To be a published author. To learn to write beautifully. To have a popular blog. Quite a few others.
10. Would you rather read inside or outside?
Out. I like the fresh air.
11. What book have you read that had a really great message? What was the message?
I have read so many books. This is so hard to pick one. Maybe Book of a Thousand Days. It said that anyone can be the princess, even if you're not one.
Eleven Fact for Eve:
  1. When not writing I'm normally listening to music
  2. I want to learn the violin
  3. I love drawing, but I'm always to scared to share them
  4. I wish I had the time to make more friends and remember to comment on my friend's blogs
  5. I wear thongs all year round
  6. I am not a good pen pal (but I love trying)
  7. I love tea
  8. I hate donuts.
  9. I hardly write about what I want to
  10. I have finished only two novels (first drafts)
  11. I have all Tennant and most of Eccleston Doctor Who episodes.
Eve's Questions:
1. If you could choose your own natural hair color, what color would it be?
Black or blond
2. If a dog started talking to you would you..
A. Jump up and down screaming and run away at the shock of it.
B. Think your mind was playing tricks on you and walk on.
C. Start up a conversation with the dog.
D. Non of the above. What kind of question is this anyways?
3. How do you eat a Twix bar?
Chocolate coating, caramel and then everything else.
4. Would you rather keep your Christmas tree up for a year or wear Christmas sweaters for a year?
Wear Christmas sweaters for a years!
5. If you had to dress in a certain time period's fashion all your life, which would it be?
6. Is there a food you eat that when you eat it you think of a certain memory?
Not really, unless it's cornetto ice cream. Those remind me of a holiday I went on ages ago.
7. If you could be the author of one of your favorite books, which would it be?
Alley Carter. I would love to be able to think up amazing stories like her.
8. Who is one person through History that you would like to chat with?
Jane Austen!
9. Is there a song that annoys you? If so what is it?
It always seems to annoying that nothing happened in the end! Nothing good happened for either.
10. Would you rather wear flip flops in the winter, or wear a coat in the summer?
Flip flops (thongs). I already wear them all year around! I hadn't even read this question when I wrote that earlier.
11. Things you didn't get to do this summer:
It's not Summer so I can't really answer this.
Well that's the questions and facts. Now for my questions!
  1. If you could be either a world famous author or a famous blogger, which would it be?
  2. If you could know how to play every instrument or could speak every language, which would you pick?
  3.  Would you rather write the best posts or have the best blog design?
  4. If you could live in any Fantasy world, which would it be?
  5. Donuts or Finger Buns?
  6. If you could be any Disney princess, which would it be?
  7. If you could only wear one outfit for a whole year, what would you wear?
  8. Would you rather be deft or blind?
  9. Would you rather live in a castle or a spooky mansion?
  10. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  11. What is your favourite colour?
So for people to tag, I'm not really sure who hasn't been tagged now, so I will just tag everyone who is reading this and hopefully someone will do it!


Blogging Tip: Have a Good Blog Design

I'm back with another Blogging Tip! Today's top is: Have a Good Blog Design.

I have read any blogs where the author say something like 'I know its bad of me, but I never read a blog with a bad design.'

Now this is what happens for most people and if you're the person with the bad design it's you whose going to have no readers.

So what makes a bad design? I have had many designs and I believe I can answer this question. What I look for in a design is light colours, a dark design gives people headaches and that is no good.

Another thing I like to see in a design in no clutter. I like to see everything clean. If its all cluttery(is that a word), then people will keep getting distracted from you're writing. So keep it to a minimum.

So what is good in a blog design? White backgrounds. Personally I am not the biggest fan of a really fancy background. I find that its too eye catching. You spend all your time looking at it. So a more plain background (if you want one, I am not such a big fan of them), a single colour or the ever useful white background. No dark colours.

another thing guys, simple fonts. Ones people can read. If a person can't read what you write then you might as well not write it, make sense?

So yes, here are a few tips on blog designing. If you're not that good at designing blog, then you can always order a blog design from someone's shop. There are quite a few good free ones around (try Eve). Or you can order from my free shop(hint,hint,hint)!!!



Miss Calulating Everything

I have no idea what's going on. I have never had this problem, I have no time to write! No one would think it the amount of time I spend writing, but I don't.

What is going on? Well, you see I'm spending all my time writing a novel, not blogging.

Last April I did Camp NaNoWriMo. As I won I thought that I would be fine to do it again this July. Oh how wrong I was.

You see, what happened was that last April wasn't even keeping one blog up to date, but this July I am trying to make sure that I keep both blogs up to date.

It takes a lot of work and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep going. You see that either blogging or novel writing is going to suffer.

At the moment it's the blogging and I'm really not very happy about that, but I don't want to loose Camp NaNo either. Things are so complicated.

I have so many blog posts ideas. I have so many things I want to tell you about, but I don't even have the time. What to do?

The time that annoys me the most is that I can't read all my friends. Sorry to all you guys I'm not commenting on. Sorry! I just don't have the time.

I wonder if I will ever do Camp NaNoWriMo again. I enjoy novel writing, but the pace is so fast that I don't have time for anything else.

This post has made me feel a bit better. I guess what I needed was a bit of a pet talk. Sorry for making you all read this, but it felt good to put it all down here.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully I will sort things out soon. In the meantime, I'm sorry!
P.S another blogging tip coming soon!


Life Update

Hi! So I guess most of my recent posts have been about blogging and the such. My problems, what I have found out, what I want for this blog.

I don't purpose those kind of posts are very interesting. So I'm here today to share a different kind of post! I'm going to make it that I do a life update at least once a week:)

So what has been happening? Read on a find out!

-I have started reading Higher Institute of Villainous Education by Mark Walden. It's all about these kids who go to a school for villains. It's really cool! You should go read it. It's the first out of a whole awesome series.

-I have been making more videos for my YouTube channel. If you're interested then go have a look. I have three videos so far. Two on how to make you YouTube channel more interesting and one on how to make you're blog look better.

-I have been learning coding. Thanks for inspiring me EVE! I have know opened up my own blog design shop. Go have a look if you're interested. I'm not very good, but now I can do simple designs. So yes, please order a design if you want one!

-I have been listening to yet more music. Mainly pieces from Taylor Davis, Britt Nicole and Taylor Swift. I love all those musicians and if you haven't listened to their music, you should. I little while ago I bought some albums of their music and I have been listening to it none stop.

-I have been thinking about other kinds of posts I could post about. I have come up with several ideas so you shouldn't be too bored.

-I have started swimming again and I'm really enjoying myself. We have a indoor pool not too far away from our house and it's great to go and swim there.

That's about all I have been doing. So yes. Another of these posts next week!



Problem of Being an Everyday Blogger in the Holidays

Well I thought that when the holidays came around I would write better on this blog, but guess what, as normal I was wrong.

You see the one thing I didn't take into accounts was the fact that I would be doing things with friends and my family.

So guess what has happened? I have missed a couple of days. It might seem like nothing, but after trying so hard to write everyday I feel kind of like a let down. I don't know why!

I guess half my laziness could be due to the fact that I'm doing Camp NaNo at the moment and that that's taking up more than half my time. So yeah.

Hopefully I can get back to scratch soon. Sorry about this everyone:)



Leaving G+

Some of you guys (the ones on G+) may have noticed I have left G+. I know you might be wondering why, but the truth is I don't have the time for it anymore.

I find that I don't really talk to anyone on their and I can't keep up with anything. I don't know. It was just easier to leave.

I did leave a message before I left, but I don't know if everyone saw it! I just thought I would write this post for those you who didn't and were wondering about it:)

Well that's all for today!


Please check out my YouTube Channel. Heaps of new vids on their way:)


How to Make Your Channel Look Awesome!

I put a new video up on my channel yesterday! It's about making your channel awesome. Do you want to watch?



Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Just joined Bloglovin'. Please follow me!


Camp NaNo

I anyone else doing Camp NaNo? I am so excited. It started this morning.

For those of you who don't know what Camp NaNo is, its a writer challenge where you challenge yourself to write a novel of however many words you chose in a month.

Camp NaNo or Camp NaNoWriMo is held twice a year. Along with that there is NaNoWriMo in November where you have to write 50,000 words in a month.

This will be my second Camp. I'm so excited! I just wanted to wish anyone else doing this, good luck:)



Is It Spelt Flutist?

Today I found out another amazing YouTuber! She is Melissa.Flutes.

Melissa.Flutes is a flutist(?) who plays songs like Let it Go, Happy, Demons and others.

They are so totally amazing! She gets every song who does perfectly. I can't believe it! Some people have all the talent.

Here is my favourite piece by her:

It is Happy and she has totally got it!
You should totally watch her other videos:)


Letter to Future Friends

So Azia did a letter to her future friends and she invited other people to do it as well. So here I go:)

Dear future friends,

I am the girl everyone thinks of as weird. I will most likely make you cringe. I quite often will bore you to death. But we will have a great time. I try never to say anything bad about anyone.  I'm sure we will be best friends:) I don't really know what else to say. So I will just say that I promise that you won't regret ever being my friend!

Your friend,



Hi guys! I have the results of the writing contest. Thank you everyone who entered! The winner is.....Eve from Eve of Womanhood:)

Cotton candy!

Friendship is like cotton candy.
It may be sweet,
but after a while,
it dissolves and disappears.
People grow apart,
they change so quickly.
The sweet sugary taste doesn't last forever.
The person you could once trust with every little secret,
is now the one who tells everything about you.
The one you laugh with,
makes you sad in the end.
Friendship is like cotton candy.
Yes, it is sweet,
but everything has an ending.
Everything has to dissolve sometime.
Sometimes but only sometimes,
friendship can be something more than just cotton candy.
I haven't experienced a friendship like that yet.
I found this really beautiful! Thank you so much for entering Eve:)
Please email at hannahmarym@outlook.com for your prize!
P.S Sorry I'm not writing really good posts at the moment. We have problems at the moment. Please pray for us especially my dad and Otis has broken his arm!


Winter Favourite Music

Today I thought I would share some of the music I have been adoring this winter! Have you ever noticed how the music you like changes with the seasons? 
I hope you like this playlist. I might do another one sometime!