Again, I'm updating poeple and making excuses...sorry!

Hi guys! So I've been really bad at my blogging recently, I'm sorry, but I've been really busy with my piano, noveling and school, but don't worry, I'm hoping to slowly work my way back into my blog, so expect a few more posts over the next few weeks.

I'm hoping to get this blog running again over the Christmas holidays, it will be a slow start, but luckily, NaNo is finished and I've taken my piano exam, so I should be ok.

So watch out for my next posts. I'm hoping to post two blog awards soon and I've a few other post's planned, so just wait. There is finally some content coming!

On another note, guys, my birthday is coming up super fast, I'm so excited. It's only a few days away now (ok, maybe just over two weeks away).

I will try and post my birthday wish list sometime, how does that sound? I've got heaps of ideas on what would be awesome to get!

Yep, I've heaps of ideas of what to write, the only problem is my time schedule. I'm so busy these days. Its not like last year where I had more than enough time to write in. This year is hectic. But hopefully things will sort out over the holidays.

Until next time, <3 Willow

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