The Wonder of Music

Here are some amazing songs from some of my favourite movies:

When Will My Life Begin? by Disney on Grooveshark
When Will My Life Begin (Tangled)

This Is Berk by John Powell on Grooveshark
This is Berk (How to Train Your Dragon)

Just You Wait by Original Broadway Cast on Grooveshark
Just You Wait (My Fair Lady)

Gollum's Song by Lord Of The Rings Soundtrack on Grooveshark
Gollum's Song (Two Towers)

Hope you enjoy listening to them. I don't have time for a long post today as we are visiting my cousins!



I Know, I Know

I know what you are thinking, Didn't you say you were moving your blog? Well I was, but I missed this one. I missed writing about my life and family and interests rather than made up things, so I am back!

My other blog is fun and I will be writing there often, but this is my main blog again, Yay! I hope you will start reading it again.

I won't stop writing on this blog again. I have decided that was a mistake. I will keep this blog going. But there is a change. I might post more often (I mean than once everyone few months) and I have changed the name. No more is Hannah Island Girl, no it is now called In the Heart of Hannah. My Mum helped me to come up with it!

I hope you like the new blinkies and stuff in the side bar. I found them on Cutest Blog on the Block and Shabby Blogs. I like them a lot.

Well I must get going, I have a lot of stuff to do getting this blog ready to suit it's new name!



My Friend Elinor

My friend Elinor has just made herself a blog. It is called, The Sensible Dashwood. I think it will be wonderful. Good luck on writing Elinor.

Elinor and her two sisters, Marianne and Margret, have been interested in Jane Austen since they were small. They used to dress up and be Elinor Dashwood and her sisters. That is what inspired them to be the Dashwood sisters.

They still have both parents and they aren't as old as the real Dashwoods. No way, but they pretend. Luckily for us Marianne isn't so silly as the real Marianne in the books.

I met Elinor at a picnic some time ago and we have been fast friends ever since. This should be a good way to keep in contact. I am so looking forward to it.

Good luck Elinor, come on Marianne, Margret, make yourselves a blog each!


Not Writing

Sorry about not writing for a while! I have been busy. We went to see an aunt. It was a lot of fun, but I was missing home by the time we came back.

My cousin Carrie came with  us and stayed for a few weeks, which was also fun, but left me no time to write. Which was a pity because I had so much to write about. I will try to write more often.

After my cousin left I had a horrid cold which turned out to be imonya or however you spell it. I am all better now and ready to write. I am all willing and will write whenever I can.

Sorry again. I will write a proper post soon, but Mum is asking me to make dinner, bye!


Willow's Thoughts

This picture has nothing to do with the post, it is just funny

There are somethings that don't fit on this blog, that don't have a place. That is why I have made myself an extra blog called Willow's Thoughs! Please visit. I would love followers and readers, but it will be a bit boring. Mainly pictures and shorts bits of news. If you like that though, then that is the blog for you!

Sorry this post is short, just wanted to let you know about my other blog!

Oh and one other thing, Sam has twisted his ankle. He was playing around in with Phillip and tripped and twisted it. I got the owner of bandaging it! I am sooo lucky! Please pray for him though. He is very up set and needs heaps of ice cream and custard to make him feel better.

P.S He also needs lots of movies, we are off to watch one now so I can't write anymore.

Tobit 2:9-14

I got a comment saying, "My children also like the story of Tobit as well. We live in Denmark, and in the Dainsh Bible Tobit is not taking a bath, only washing - what a shame.". I got thinking that some people might be interested in the story of Tobit and the bath and so I am posting it...

I, Tobit, took a bath; then I went into the courtyard and lay down by the courtyard wall. Since it was hot I left my face uncovered. I did not know that there were sparrows in the wall above my head; their hot droppings fell into my eyes. White spots then formed, which I was obliged to have treated by the doctors. But the more ointments they tried me with, the more the spots blinded me, and in the end I became blind altogether. I remained without sight four years; all my brothers were distressed; and Ahikar provided for my upkeep for two years, till he left for Elymais.
My wife Anna then undertook woman’s work; she would spin wool and take cloth to weave; she used to deliver whatever had been ordered from her and then receive payment. Now on March the seventh she finished a piece of work and delivered it to her customers. They paid her all that was due, and into the bargain presented her with a kid for a meal. When the kid came into my house, it began to bleat. I called my wife and said, “Where does this creature come from? Suppose it has been stolen! Quick, let the owners have it back; we have no right to eat stolen goods.” She said, “No, it was a present given me over and above my wages.” I did not believe her, and told her to give it back to the owners (I blushed at this in her presence). Then she answered, “What about your own alms? What about your own good works? Everyone knows what return you had for them.”
That is TOBIT 2:9-14
I hope you enjoyed that!


Benjamin Britten

Today for work we looked at the composer Benjamin Britten. He wrote really lovely music. His Simple Symphony is really bouncy and jolly. I think it might be some of my favourite music ever.

Mum says that she will hunt for a cd with some more of Benjamin Britten’s work on it because I like it so much.

Otis and Mack also like his music, but Luka is too little to enjoy it. He prefers music from stuff like Bob the Builder.

Benjamin Britten was born on November 22nd 1913 and died on December the 4th 1976. Which was not too long ago going to how old some composers are.

Benjamin used to play the piano as well as compose music and conduct music. He was very talented.
His birthday just so happens to be the feast day of Saint Cecilia, patron saint of music. It seems very appropriate that she became a composer.

Benjamin did not get music from his father. His father was a dentist (yuck). It was his mother who liked music. She sang and often held concerts in their house.
Benjamin’s first paying job was writing for films. He so I guess that means he was a composer all his working life.

To avoid the World War 2 Benjamin sailed out of England and into America, but soon came back and when the war was over he got asked to write an opera for the occasion. I think he also wrote one for Queen Elizabeth the second when she was crown Queen of England, but I am not sure.

As you can tell Benjamin Britten had a very interesting life. I have only listened to one piece of music by him, but it was a very good one.

Do you like Benjamin Britten?



Jane Austen (one of my favourite authors)


My name is Willow. I am twelve years old and the oldest in my family.

I like music and art, but what I really like doing is reading and writing. I love mythology and so when I found about the Kane Chronicles  and the Percy Jackson series. I was delighted. Rick Riordan is now one of my favourite authors.

I like all the Jane Austen movies. They are so cool! I have watched quite a few. Though if you ask me some of the main characters are a bit floppy. I also like Disney movies like Tangled and Brave they are awesome.

I love holy pictures and stories. My favourite line from the bible is: 'I, Tobit, had a bath'. It is just not the thing you think you would hear from the bible, but you do.

In my family I have three brothers named Otis, Mack and Luka. I also have one five year old sister named River which is really cute.

My wish is life is to be a famous author like J.R.R Tolkien or C.S Lewis, but I don't think it very likely. I like to write about adventures and mysteries with a bit of fantasy in it.

Well I would just like to finish this post with a big thank you for reading this and please come back soon and follow!