My Best Friend

I don't know if I have ever mentioned my best friend, Sierra! She's is fourteen years old and a total bookworm. She is always recommending books for me to read.

The other day she followed my example and made herself a blog. Well done Sierra! Its called Little Miss Tiny. The name suits her because Sierra is very short.

Sierra has two big sisters and one little sister. There names are Alexis, Makayla (hope I spelt it right) and Jocelyn. They are all very fun and amazing.

Besides being a bookworm Sierra love rainbow loom bracelets (she has promise to post some pictures of them) and motor racing. She also likes listening to music and doodling.

When ever I meet Sierra we always spend a long time giggling over the latest hairdos she is trying to perfect.  She is determined to be able to do lovely hairstyles, but her hair is a bit short.

Anyway, I am sure that you will find much more about Sierra if you pop over to her blog. Please do. She will be delighted. Please leave her a comment!


Image: Best Friends by therapycatguardian (CC by 2.0)


Willow's Thoughts

Does anyone remember my blog Willow's Thoughts? I made a very long time ago and sadly its been months and months since I posted on it.

Well to cut a long story short the blog is back in business. I got a post up on it yesterday and I will have more up as soon as I can.

Just beware that this blog is different than this one and In Willow's Mind. I will be posting just random bits and bobs.

Some people think I am a bit crazy and just can't keep my finger off the new blog button, but that's not true. I haven't made a new blog for some time and this is a very old blog. It was the second one I made.

I have to go now and decorate by blog!


P.S Please check out my blog.

P.P.S This post is scheduled so I don't know what time it will publish!


Gotta Get Some Music

Recently all I have been able to think about is music! I don't know why, but anyway, here are some of my favourite songs:

You Raise Me Up-Celtic Woman

When You Believe-Celtic Woman

The Voice-Celtic Woman

Icing-Charity Vance

Its Alright-Charity Vance

Picture Perfect-Charity Vance

Wannabe-Spice Girls

Mean-Taylor Swift

Love Story-Taylor Swift

These are just a few favourites that I like to listen to. I will post some more later. I really suggest you listen to these:)

What's your favourites?




Everyone knows Rapunzel was in Frozen. How many other people know of the two other Disney princesses hidden in there(I don't think there are anymore)? I didn't know about them myself until seeing this picture. When this comes out on DVD I will have to watch it and watch out for Cinderella and Tina (Princess and the Frog).