Thanks so Much Eve!

Has anyone noticed my new amazing design? I hope you have! Isn't it awesome?

I just want to thank Eve for making it for me! Eve you are totally amazing:)

I don't know how she does it. She is so good at making blogs look awesome. I love the design so much! (as you might have noticed!)

If you want a totally amazing design you should definitely check out Eve's blog design shop! It is all totally free and it is all totally awesome:) If you feel like a change I would go and at least have a look.

Again, thanks so much Eve! You are the best:)



Playlist Fun

Hi! I have been busy and I still am busy, but I made time to make this playlist for you. Its kind of made up of all the music I'm in the mood for at the moment. If you have the time, please listen!



Winter Cuddling

Hi! How's things going? Is it just me or is it really truly getting colder now?

I love winter. I love to curl up and read books or listen to music. I love snuggling down in my blankets and going to sleep.

Winter foods are also so yummy! I adore hot chocolates, soups, casseroles, roasts and pasta. In winter it seems we eat so many more elaborate meals. In other months we just seem to have sausages or burgers.

In winter it's always so hard to pull yourself out of bed. You are always thankful to have a nice warm shower and reluctant to get out of it again.

In winter I spend more time doing craft and reading than in summer where I spend heaps of time outside or with my friends.

Winter is a brilliant time of year and now it is truly arriving! I am so excited.

Sometimes though I wish it would snow in winter so I could make a snow man or have a snow ball fight. I sounds like so much fun!

Do you like winter? What is your favourite season? Have you ever seen snow?


Down to Three

Everyone knows I have a lot of blogs, but something happened this morning!

Yesterday I got into a bit of trouble. I redesigned one of my blogs, but in the new header I gave it the wrong name!


I fixed it up this morning:

But it has taught me a huge lesson! I have too many blogs, so I have done something about it.

I deleted one (after downloading it) and removed myself from the blog that I shared with my sister (we never wrote on it) and now I only have this blog, In Willow's Mind and the blog I share with Beth.

I hope this will make posting and remembering things easier. I should be writing more often from now on.

Thanks for reading!