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I've been really bad with tags and awards recently, so sorry about that! I do love getting them, but it's all sometimes too much to keep up with. I'll just say, THANK YOU for every single one of those posts.

From now on, I'll start afresh with my awards. Everything will be scratched clean and I'll start all over again!

And my first tag while starting over is...The Countdown to 2015 tag!!!! WHOOOOHOOOOO:) Thanks June for the tag!

But enough chat, let's get onto the tag itself!

1) List 1-10 things that you can't wait till 2015.
2) Answer the questions that the person (who tagged you) their questions.
3) Set some of your own questions.
4) Tag 4-5 people and with a link to their blogs.

Things I can't wait for:
Getting a cat! Did I mention this? My parents have finally agreed that next year we can buy a cat. I'm so excited:)

I've been wanting a cat for like FOREVER, but they always said that River was too young or the boys would just chase it, BUT finally they've caved in a we're getting a CAT!!!

Winter. Anyone else a Lunar Chronicles fan? I'm raving MAD about this series, finally the last (?) one is coming out, I can't wait!

I've been waiting for this ever since the last one came out (which was earlier this year). I think before Winter comes out, though, there will be a prequel. Which will to just as awesome!

MY JOB. Starting next year I have a job. This is really exciting. I've so many things I want to save up for, so a job is awesome. I will write about this soon, but for now, here's what you need to know...

I'm taking up babysitting for our next door neighbours. They've three really cute little girls. I love looking after them, so I'm really excited at my JOB!!!

A new baby! Mum's having another baby next year. I can't believe it!!!!! Another brother or sister!

I don't believe I even wrote about this WHAT?! How could I have forgotten to write about something as amazing as all this.

It's been SIX years since Mum's last child, so it was a really big surprise when we found out that she was pregnant again.

June's Questions:
1. What do you do on New Years?
Mainly have a quiet day. We don't do much. We have a nice dinner in the evening, occasionally have guests over, but never anything big. We don't go all out for anything really:P

2. Do you have a main goals for 2015, if so what is it?
I think I do. I aim to be healthier. A little while ago I started exercising more and eating better and I hope to keep on with those. I don't know beside that though. I will write more about this later when I've thought more about it.

3. Are you going to take up for New Years?
Reading more. I need to read more. I have no idea how long it's been since I last sat down just to READ READ READ! I adore reading, but I never seem to have the time. So reading is something I want to do more often.
Singing. I want to put some covers up on YouTube. I don't know if any of you know about me and singing. I love to sing, but I've never made any cover before. I reckon this would be something cool to try. 
4. (Odd question) Do you believe in ghosts? Boo!
Yup! Totally!!!! No one believes me, but I do.
I'm not tagging or asking more questions at the moment because I haven't been very active recently. Sorry about that. But I should get back up there soon!
On another note, I should have a design coming up with way sometime. It's taking a while, but I hope it will arrive soon. Look out for it!
<3 Willow

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